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When comparing the cost of bottled water for your office you know your decision has a long lasting impact on the cost of doing business. Bottled water for your office water cooler will become an ongoing relationship for years to come. Locking in the lowest price on your water delivery will add up to hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

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In 2020 many companies are opting for bottleless water dispensers in their offices. A bottleless or point of use water cooler rids your company of the need to store, lift and received 5 gallons jugs every week. For a company that uses 5-10 jugs per week the savings on the price of office water delivery can be almost $1000 every year.

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Common Water Service Questions

Questions we receive about office water coolers and dispensers and related water delivery services for businesses.

Should I choose a top pleading water bottle dispenser or buy a bottleless water cooler?

There are pros and cons to both. The choice is essentially a personal one that will also affect your office staff responsibilities. Based on what it is you feel you want the water dispensers to do and ability to store and load 5 gallon water bottle delivery to your office.
The plumbed in water cooler version is fixed and great for schools, colleges, large office water coolers and other places where there are any people who could potentially use it and loading bottles is not ideal. Bottle fed water cooler dispensers will frequently need changing if there are many people using it on a daily basis. There are also sanitary concerns with top leading office water coolers as the bottles must come in contact with many people weekly. If you do not want plumbed in dispensers, the top loading bottle type water coolers are still the most common foudn in offices. A reputable water bottle delivery company will help you decide which system holds the most advantages and benefits for you.

What type of water cooler is cleaner and better to fight the spread of germs and viruses like Covid-19?

By using bottleless water dispensers, you will reduce the risk of water contamination by eliminating the need for human contact with the source of water and your staff's office water cooler. It is a known fact that bottled water and water jugs are highly susceptible to contamination from the air while being handled and stored in your office. It should also be noted that many water delivery services keep on using old plastic jugs that were previously exposed to outdoor elements and the sun. These conditions also increase the chances of plastic chemicals seeping into your office drinking water and these bottle pass through many hands.

How do I lease a water dispenser?

There are many packages and ways to lease an office water cooler including fixed monthly payments which means the cost is spread evenly through the year. We also have many partners that offer deals designed for for start-up and small businesses water cooler needs.

How often are the office water dispensers changed and serviced?

This will depend on the water delivery and service contract but it is important to note that any water delivery company offering water dispenser is clear about when they will be onsite to deal with replenishing stock.

Do I have to lift the heavy water jug? Bottom loading water coolers?

On top leading office water coolers yes you may. Many bottom loading water coolers conveniently load on the bottom to avoid spills and heavy lifting. An easy to read indicator lets you know when it's time to change the water bottle on your office dispenser. With some modern office water coolers new technology sanitizes the dispenser with the press of a button and even dispenses water at hot, cold, or room temperature. Hot and cold water dispensers are becomeing very common for tea and coffee at the office.

What are the advantages of bottleless water coolers?

    • They're cheaper in the long run, as you don't have to pay for bottled water.
    • Many point-of-use coolers include a built-in filtration system.
    • Because the unit connects to your home's water supply, you needn't worry about running out of water.

What are the advantage of water jug style coolers and water delivery for my office?

    • These tend to be the most affordable type of water cooler.
    • You can use spring or mineral water in this type of cooler, which is ideal if you have poor-quality water in your area.
    • Some freestanding office water cooler models have extra features (like a small refrigerator) at the bottom.

What are the advantages of a bottom loading style office water cooler?

    • You can use spring or mineral water, which some people prefer over tap water.
    • Loading refill bottles is fairly easy, as the 5 gallon delivered water jugs needn't be lifted very high.
    • This type of water cooler can easily be moved around the house if you decide to rearrange things.

Self cleaning water machine options?

Stagnant water breeds bacteria, so you certainly wouldn't want your drinking water sitting around in a bottle for too long. This issue is especially pertinent for one- and two-person households where it takes a while to consume an entire water bottle.

Do I need to filter water for my office water dispenser?

And while tap water in most parts of the U.S. is safe to drink, it still contains trace amounts of substances that some people might wish to avoid. Also, the impurities in tap water can damage your machine over time. As such, you'd be best off with a water cooler that includes a built-in filter.

How much water does a water cooler hold?

Most top- and bottom-load varieties are compatible with standard-sized plastic or glass cooler bottles of two, three, four, and five gallons. Plumbed in or bottleless water dispensers have endless water and no jugs.

How do I keep my office water cooler clean and sanitary?

It's important to keep your water cooler clean to help prevent the buildup of bacteria. Make sure you regularly clean any nozzles and buttons with food-safe antibacterial cleaner. You should also clean the cold reservoir and water lines (as per manufacturer's instructions) at least once a month.

Should I get a water cooler that also dispenses hot water?

Many quality water coolers also produce hot water as standard, but there's no reason to go out of your way to buy a water cooler with a hot option if you don't think you'll use it often.
That said, a readily available supply of hot water is great for whipping up hot drinks, instant oatmeal, soup cups, and more. So, once you get it, you might find that you use it more than you imagined you would.

What are the top reviewed water cooler models for businesses?

Some of the best for your business based on overall averages of multiple online review scores include the:

  • Brio Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser
  • Honeywell Anti-Bacterial Chemical Free Water Dispenser
  • Primo Top-Loading Water Dispenser
  • New Air WAT20W Water Dispenser
  • Clover B14A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Avalon A1 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Avalon Bottom Load Water Cooler
  • Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler
  • Avalon Premium Countertop Water Cooler
  • Primo Pet Station and Water Cooler
  • Primo Stainless Steel Water Cooler
  • Brio CL520 Top Load Water Cooler
  • Brio Self Cleaning Water Cooler
  • Whirlpool Commercial Water Dispenser
  • Avalon A5 Bottleless Water Dispenser

What are the best bottleless water coolers in 2020?

  • Brio CLB3000U-6Stage-EZ-RO Bottleless Water Dispenser
  • Avalon A5BOTTLELESS A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser
  • Oasis PSWSA1SHS Artesian Pou Hot N' Cold Bottleless Water Cooler
  • Aquverse A6500-K Hot/Cold Bottleless Water Cooler with Filter

How much electricity does a water cooler use?

water dispensers consume a lot of electricity because they have to continuously provide both boiling hot and cold water. A water dispenser on average consumes about 1.6 kWh of electricity per day. This varies widely based on model, size, features and design.

How does a bottleless water cooler works?

The working of a bottleless water dispenser is not as tough as it sounds like. Once the appliance is set up, it will draw out water directly from your plumbing system.
Next, depending on the type of filter installed in the dispenser, the water will simply pass through the filtration and purification process so that all the contaminants and impurities are left behind. This process goes on until the filters require a change after a minimum span of six months.

How much money does a bottleless water cooler save me?

If you are using a bottled water dispenser, it means that you will have to pay out the cost of the water bottle and its delivery. This might cost you roughly around, say $.0.79/gallon. For example, if your office uses approximately 7 gallons of water per day, you spend approximately $1,900 per year.
Once you install a bottleless water dispenser, you will be able to save that much amount of money since the appliance is connected to your home or office's main water supply pipe for a continuous flow of water.

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Over 1000 companies have saved 30-50% in 2024 on water coolers and delivery for their office.

We originally set out to buy a very basic water cooler with the jugs on top. Being an office of 30 people the bottleless machine we settled on saves us like $1500 a year!

The space required for 5 gallon water jugs just made no sense. All the hands and lifting and delivery arrivals made switching to a cleaner and simpler no jug water dispenser a no brainer.

So many cool solutions for our need. We needed a hot and cold filtered water cooler for our staff of 15 people. The low cost of a top loader worked out saving us a lot of money over what we had been doing.

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